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2017 MTRA Professional Development Scholarship

Selected recipient will receive a $500 scholarship to help cover conference expenses, travel and lodging. The recipient agrees to cover all other associated costs. Proof of registration must be provided to MTRA within one year of acceptance of the scholarship.

The MTRA Professional Development Scholarship enables professionals in the therapeutic recreation/recreation therapy field to attend a regional or national conference/training. This grant is intended to provide professional growth and the opportunity to learn from other professionals at a number of different conferences/trainings. One grant will be offered each year.

Recipient may attend a regional or nationally recognized conference/training including all meetings, socials, and educational sessions, in order to expand their professional knowledge and network. After attending, the recipient must write a brief article to be included in the next quarterly MTRA newsletter: 1) an overview of activities they were involved in; and 2) what they have gained from their experiences.

Eligible applicants should submit the application form and supporting materials no later than Monday, July 31, 2017. Completed application is required.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria
  • Must be a current member of MTRA.
  • At least two (2) years of full-time professional Therapeutic Recreation work.
  • Must be employed in the state of Minnesota.
  • Hold a current position that is responsible for therapeutic services, program planning, administration, or supervision. (Preference will be given to professionals who typically would not have the ability to attend a regional or national conference/training)
  • Must be an active member of MTRA over the last two years.
  • Must be able to provide a statement of need for funding including any additional funding sources you are seeking.
  • Clearly identify the conference that you are looking to attend.
  • Scholarship recipients are only eligible to receive the MTRA Professional Scholarship once every five (5) years. 

Click on the link for full application

MTRA Professional Scholarship 2017.pdf

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