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MTRA Promotional Items

15 Jan 2015 1:38 PM | Deleted user


MTRA Board of Directors discussed the option of having TR Month promotional items for sale.  Let us know your opinion!  

1.  T-shirts or Polos:  Between $15.00-$30.00

2.  Coffee Mugs: Between $7.50-$15.00

Please let us know what you think!  We will have more information on this soon.  

Thank you,

Emily Liebhard

Past-President for MTRA


  • 21 Jan 2015 4:43 PM | Deleted user
    I like the coffee mug idea!! I would purchase a mug from 7.50-10$.
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  • 23 Jan 2015 7:44 AM | Anonymous member
    Like the idea of mugs. Mugs would also be great give-aways.
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