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Looking for information on being a Recreational Therapist

01 Apr 2015 4:54 PM | Anonymous


 My name is Shauna Crowe and my goal is to set up informational interviews or even shadowing opportunities, if possible, to learn more about a day-in-the-life of an Recreational Therapist.  I would also appreciate tips on what steps I would need to take to become an RT if I determine that it is the right field for me.  I am located in Golden Valley, MN (Western Suburbs of the Twin Cities) and would particularily like to connect with RT’s in the Twin Cities area.

 A bit of background…

For the last ten years I have been self employed as a Professional Organizer and Life Coach, helping people de-clutter their spaces and their lives to make room for what matters most.  I recently decided that I want to spend more time working with clients and less time soliciting new ones and so I decided to transition careers.  As an organizer, I found that I had a particular affinity for working with elder adults so I began my search in that arena.  With a background of over ten years of healthcare in a broad range of roles and settings including assisted living and live-in home care, I narrowed my search to senior living facilities.  This is where I discovered titles such as Activities Director, Life Enrichment Manger and Recreational Therapist.  These titles really sparked my interest because I believe they combine my broad scope of skills, education, talents as well as my passions.

 My MBA in Human Resources with an emphasis in Adult Learning and Development provided me with knowledge around adult development, learning styles and methodology as well as the psychology of motivation.  It also honed my strengths in strategic thinking and creative problem solving that I have continued to sharpen through my years as an Professional Organizer and business owner.

 My nature of empathy allows me to have patience and understanding to intuit the need of my clients who may not always be able to articulate their needs clearly.   This also allows me to be flexible and non-judgmental when faced with challenging situations.

 My passion for life enrichment has compelled me to create opportunities for myself, loved ones and friends by way of hosting and facilitating themed events including Murder Mystery dinners, craft weekend workshops, karaoke nights, game nights, Luau’s and much more.  I love to be part of making someone smile!

 From what I could learn through my limited research, Recreational Therapy would be a perfect fit for what I have to offer.  I have studied job descriptions and applied for positions that do not require a degree or certification but would like to learn more from professionals in the field in my area.

 Thank you for considering my request and please contact me if you have any additional questions, are interested in connecting further or would be willing to be interviewed about RT.

 Kind Regards,

  Shauna Crowe





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